Michelle L. Maldonado, J.D.

Creator and Managing Editor of the Inspire Leadership Series

Michelle Maldonado is a former corporate & technology attorney turned business professional with 20 years of experience across the non-profit, start-up, technology, online media and education industries.
She is an accomplished writer, conference presenter and workshop facilitator on the topics of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, Conscious Capitalism and other traditional and emerging practices that help form strong foundations for holistic and sustainable leadership.
She is the creator and managing editor of the Inspire Leadership Series, a member of the NeuroLeadership Institute and Chief Strategist of Conscious Learning & Leadership Integration for the Washington, D.C. chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Michelle also recently received an honorary chapter membership from the Golden Key International Honour Society in recognition of her integrative approach to leadership development, culture creation and work with professionals across academic and business communities.  Michelle is a graduate of Barnard College at Columbia University and The George Washington University Law School.

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