Nancy Martini

Chief Strategy Officer, PI Worldwide

Nancy is the Chief Strategy Officer of PI Worldwide and a member of the Board. Based in Boston, Nancy assists with business strategy, execution flow, market position and external affairs. Prior to the acquisition by Phoenix Investment Strategies, Nancy led the company from 2007-2014 in the roles of President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. During her tenure, Nancy managed the company through the recession, substantially grew revenues, and expanded the organization’s footprint globally including a new presence in Singapore, China, Hong Kong and South Korea. Nancy was instrumental in guiding the company transition from family owned and operated to professionally owned and managed. Prior to PI Worldwide, Nancy was the CEO of Global Sales Alliance which was acquired by PI Worldwide in 2006. She joined PI Worldwide at that time to assist with the global rollout of the company’s Selling Skills system. Nancy is the co-author of Leadership, Helping Others to Succeed by Insight Publishing, author of best-selling Customer-Focused Selling by Adams Publishing, and author of Scientific Selling, Creating High Performance Teams Through Applied Psychology and Testing published by Wiley. Nancy holds a M.Ed. from Cambridge College in Psychological Studies.