Niamh Cassidy

Global Head, Talent Acquisition, Novartis Vaccines

Niamh, (pronounced Neeve!) left Ireland over a year ago to continue her career with Novartis in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She attended a Masters in HR Strategies from Dublin City University, holds a BSc. in Management and Marketing from DIT and a Diploma in Employment Law from the Irish Law Society. Throughout her HR career she has undertaken further personal development and received a Diploma in Employee Relations, a Certificate in HR Practice (CIPD), a Training and Education Certificate and many executive level trainings including Coaching and Six Sigma Certifications. In addition to her executive multinational career, Niamh has also been a course designer, director and lecturer for HR courses overseen by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD), employment law and general business management courses. Furthermore, she has presented, consulted and been a writer on various HR topics for various channels. Before her current Global role in Talent Acquisition, Niamh’s previous career moves included Country and European roles; Ireland HR Head, Novartis; HR Business Partner, Bristol-Myers Squibb and HR Manager & EU Partner, Alcan Packaging. Having sat on various leadership teams and boards, her strategic business mindset guides leaders on people and talent decisions. As current Global Head Talent Acquisition for Novartis Vaccines, a world leader in providing vaccines in Flu, Meningitis, Pediatrics and Travel, she leads and partners with teams on all continents, delivering the recruitment needs for the business goals and objectives. Recent focus areas for Niamh has been building a globally engaged recruiting team who are true talent and business partners, ensuring optimized recruitment strategies for talent globally across many functions, delivering on quality and services for hiring manager and candidate satisfaction and creating an operational structure which oversee metrics and managing a service-center approached recruitment model. In her spare time, Niamh enjoys running, skiing, socializing with friends and keeping up to date with current affairs. Her passion is for people and coaching both early talent and experienced professionals, educating business and HR management topics and being a true business partner in her day to day work in Novartis.

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