Nicole Guiet

Director of Talent Acquisition at University of Colorado Health

At the age of four, Nicole’s mom asked her, “Why are you always asking so many questions?” The answer to that question became clear as Nicole began her career out of college working in Human Resources. That career now spans twenty years and includes experience in various roles within recruiting, compensation, immigration and training, and as an HR partner. She is a certified Six Sigma green belt, having managed global recruitment policies, processes and metrics in the high-tech industry before joining CH2MHILL. She holds a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Colorado.
Nicole is currently Director of Talent Acquisition at University of Colorado Health and most recently was Global Talent Acquisition Director for CH2MHILL, where she was responsible for the strategic talent activities for their energy, water and facilities divisions,and the Americas region (Alaska, Canada, US Lower 48, Latin America). In her career, she has also overseen recruitment activities for Europe and MENA. She provides the vision and practical hands-on experience to create and deliver recruiting strategies that drive business success, with a proven track record in hiring, training and mobilizing teams that deliver high quality recruiting solutions in demanding, multi-national environments.

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Connect with Passive Candidates

September 17, 2013 | Nicole Guiet

While internal and external job postings can provide a pipeline of candidates for your position, there is no guarantee of the quality in who will apply for your openings.  Assuming one already has a well crafted and properly branded job posting, firms will need an effective strategy to source, connect and engage passive candidates.