Patrice Stankavich

Director of HR, Grand Central Bakery

Patrice came to Human Resources, as many of us,  in a non-traditional route.  Her first professional experiences resided in Higher Education and Health Care.  It was working in the world of student housing that Patrice learned that much of what she was doing was actually large portions of the human resources function, recruiting, training, performance correction, engagement, coaching, departmental strategy.  Patrice parlayed these skills into a successful stint in consulting but found that she missed having colleagues and seeing the longer term outcomes of successful process and strategy.  In her role a Vice President of Human Resources at Far Bank Enterprises (Sage, Redington and RIO brands) Patrice pulled on all that experience to create a team and set up her role that worked as a Human Resources Business Partner.  Moving the team and business from a purely tactical role into one that participated in and helped create business strategy and change to create more value from employee engagement and outcomes.  In her spare time Patrice travels all over the world and spends a great deal of time in baseball, football and soccer stadiums cheering on her favorite teams.

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