Patrick Rooney

Founder & Chief Customer Officer, QUEsocial

Patrick Rooney is the Founder & Chief Customer Officer of QUEsocial, a market-leading Social Talent Acquisition solution that makes it easy for companies to extend their employer brand new, untapped talent pools, activate recruiters and talent ambassadors to harness and convert their social networks into referrals, candidates and hires; and measure the success of social talent acquisition.

Patrick has extensive experience working with companies to harness and apply digital technology to achieve measurable business impact across the organization.  Keenly interested in the possibilities of what happens when digital evolution intersects with how businesses connect with their audiences, he has worked with some of the world’s leading companies to create logical, practical and original solutions to apply digital technology to every day work.

Prior to founding QUEsocial, Patrick co-founded and was Executive Vice President of Zócalo Group (part of Omnicom Group), an award-winning word of mouth, social media and digital marketing agency. Patrick lives in Chicago with his wife and three incredible children.

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