Rick Buer

Rick Buer is GiftCertificates.com chief operating officer and in partnership with the Board of Directors, is responsible for the success of GiftCertificates.com. Buer leads the development and implementation of the company’s strategic sales, operations, service and support in all markets.

Rick joined the company in June 2015, after a 25-year career with Maritz. Prior to joining GiftCertificates.com Rick was senior vice president and general manager for the West Coast Automotive Group at Maritz, where he was responsible for the sales, operations, technology and finance functions of the agency. Earlier in his career he also successfully led the start-up of The Designery, LLC, a full service design and production company.

Rick holds a degree in Marketing from Missouri State University. He is passionate about child development, wellness and nutrition. Also, he enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his wife and four children.

“Successful companies use recognition and rewards to drive performance and support their culture. By rewarding desired behaviors with rewards that offer participant choice at a great value, the impact to the organization is effective and efficient”.

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Rewarding Simply: Recognize Incentive Program Complexities

February 18, 2016 | Rick Buer, Jenna Filipkowski

A rewards and recognition program can fail or not produce desired results for many reasons such as: rewards are not personalized or meaningful to employees, rewards are not administered in a timely manner, the program guidelines and rules are too complex, managers and peers are too busy to participate, or programs are not evaluated against organizational KPIs. What are the greatest challenges for rewards and recognition programs and how can organizations ensure success?