Scott A. Jeffrey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Monmouth University

Dr. Scott Jeffrey received his Ph.D. in Managerial and Organizational Behavior from the University of Chicago in 2003.  His current research interests revolve around the use of incentives in organizations, both for employees and for customers. In particular, he is interested in tangible incentives; high-end merchandise and travel. His most current project is leading up a research team exploring the motivational events industry.Dr. Jeffrey also has extensive industry experience, having worked for 12 years in California's Silicon Valley prior to returning to the University of Chicago for his PhD. While at the University of Chicago he also did HR and strategic management consulting, as well as helping to develop online course content.Dr. Jeffrey teaches Organizational Behavior, Negotiations, Decision Making, and Business Ethics to both undergraduate students and MBA students at Monmouth University in New Jersey.

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Separating Compensation from Recognition

October 4, 2016 | Scott Jeffrey

Discover how to identify contingent and discretionary reward systems, and why there is a need for both types of systems. Additionally, learn about the benefits of a well implemented recognition system.