Steve Boese

Steve brings over fifteen years of experience in the implementation of complex human resources technology solutions for global enterprise clientele. Over his career, Steve’s solutions approach has positively impacted nearly one million employees, retirees and their families. Steve brings a keen understanding of the importance of alignment of technology with organizational strategy to drive innovation, efficiency, and success. Steve maintains close relationships with the leading Human Resources technology vendors, ensuring an up-to-date awareness and understanding of the latest developments. In addition to his consulting work, Steve serves as an adjunct professor of human resources technology for the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (“RIT”) Human Resource Development Graduate Program. In this capacity, Steve focuses on and educates current and future leaders in the best uses of technology in support of HR and the organization’s strategic initiatives. Focus areas include talent management, recruiting, performance management and others. Collaboration technologies and tools such as employee portals, internal social networks, and wikis are a core emphasis, with the emergence and importance of external social networks all key considerations to the modern HR technology strategy. Steve’s current academic research is focused on the application of technologies to foster collaboration and innovation among both internal and external stakeholders, with publication on collaboration technology and the link to innovation anticipated in the Fall of 2011. Steve’s previous roles include global HR transformational consulting to organizations including RIT, McKinsey & Company, Alcatel, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and others. His proficiency and expertise in a wide variety of solutions and approaches makes Steve a highly sought after expert in the HR technology field. Steve is a leading HR technology blogger and hosts both “HR Happy Hour” and “HR Tech Chat”, two popular radio programs dedicated to opening the lines of communication among thought leaders, practitioners and service providers in the global human resources field. Steve’s blog was selected as the number one Talent Management Blog by the editors of the Fistful of Talent in February 2010. Steve is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and resides in Rochester, NY.

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Balance Talent and Technology to Align HR to the Business

April 24, 2014 | Steve Boese

With tightening budgets and shallow talent pools the ability to attract, assess, develop, and engage the best talent remains a challenge.  Luckily, new social technologies for candidate relationship management, sourcing, and learning systems have been emerging to solve some of these key concerns.