Steven Kosakow

Talent Acquisition Director, Boston Logic Technology Partners, Inc.

Steven is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Boston Logic. Boston Logic provides software, online marketing and design services to real estate companies looking to be the technology leaders in their marketplace. Steven is an entrepreneur who has built talent acquisition at several major high-scale companies over the past 15 years. In addition, Steven founded Talent BrandWagon, LLC to develop irresistible employer brands. A natural matchmaker to start-ups and employees, Steven has always been drawn to the creative aspects of recruiting. Whether the right talent is hiding under a rock, in a cave or right under their noses, Steven has a knack for finding those rock star hires. As an ENFP, he combines metrics and operational management with nontraditional leadership and unconventional thinking. Steven is also a dad and Zumba instructor! Steven has a BA from Brandeis University and MS from UMass Boston.