Trish Holliday, Ed.D.

Assistant Commissioner/Chief Learning Officer, Department of Human Resources, State of Tennessee

Tennessee was the first state in the country to establish the executive position of Chief learning Officer (CLO), appointing Dr. Trish Holliday to this role. Trish fosters a culture that promotes engagement, encourages retention, and provides continuous learning and leadership development for all employees, ultimately positioning the state as a learning organization. As a successful change agent, facilitator and storyteller, she is often asked by state leaders to undertake complex problem solving opportunities by bringing people together and helping them discover innovative solutions and develop the leaders needed to execute. Dr. Holliday’s commitment and passion for helping professionals reach their greatest potential is rooted in her experience as an adult educator and executive coach, and her early years in full-time ministry as a missionary in Tennessee Appalachia. Trish serves on various boards and a speaker at the local and national level. In 2017, Trish was recipient of the CLO Learning Innovator Leader of the Year and the Leadership Excellence Award Top Corporate Leader, ranked 2nd worldwide. Doc Holliday is driven to help leaders develop strategies, create learning organizations and implement effective change initiatives!

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