Wesley Connor

Manager, Talent Management, Randstad

Talent Management Expert and Executive Coach - As a professional coach, facilitator, and accomplished leader, Wesley combines 15 years of leadership expertise with over 800 hours of executive coaching experience. He creates and facilitates development programs in sales, leadership, innovation and communication skills, as well as provides one-on-one coaching to mid-level leaders and corporate executives. He brings his deep roots as an artist to the corporate world by creating work environments that foster passion, joy, fulfillment and creativity. He is an advocate for a “purpose driven” culture in which employees can engage in work that is in alignment with their life goals. Wesley has a passion for innovation and encourages out of the box thinking through programs such as The Inner Beauty Project, National Ideas Week, Meditation at Work and a Global Mentorship Program.

As an HR business partner, Wesley leverages his passion and aptitude to be a catalyst for creative and positive growth, development, and evolution in service to his clients. Wesley was on faculty at York University in Toronto for leadership development and creative thinking skills. He worked as a National Educator for AVEDA Canada and is certified in Fierce Conversations, E-learning Design and is currently in the process of becoming a Certified Co-Active Coach through CTI.