Advancing Women Leaders and Driving Business Results at Avis Budget Group


When the senior leadership of Avis Budget Group identified a competitive threat to their business, they needed an innovative solution to help maintain and grow valuable market share while differentiating their services. Committed to developing their women leaders and a diverse workforce, senior leaders called on 29 of their top female leaders across the organization to develop and execute a new strategy that would strengthen the company’s marketplace advantage.
By working in highly focused groups led by experienced and knowledgeable experts, they devised an entirely new program, Select and Go, to meet a critical market need. The result? A member of the team was promoted to be dedicated to work on the new venture, and revenue and customer satisfaction scores increased almost immediately after the new, company-wide program launched only a few months later.
Since this initiative was first launched three years ago, subsequent teams have been tasked with similar challenges and have delivered similar results. Just as importantly, many attendees report the immersion learning experience was life-changing both personally and professionally. Immersion learning has inspired, guided, and brought women leaders together, and they continue to move up the leadership ranks and make a significant impact at Avis Budget Group.
You will learn:

  • The ABG strategy for developing and advancing women and inclusion
  • How ABG uses immersive and action learning to tackle current business challenges
  • The return on talent engagement and advancement when leadership development is focused on business needs


Kaye Ceille

President at Zipcar

Barbara Kogen

Vice President, Organizational Development & Performance at Avis Budget Group

Susan Brady

EVP and Lead Strategist, Advancing Women & Inclusion Practice, Linkage