Analytics to Action: A Framework to Drive Business Performance through the Application of Talent Data


It can be easy to think of workforce analytics as purely a theoretical exercise or just a reporting tool.  Data on its own, however interesting, isn’t useful without both context and application.  As an example, detailed attrition reporting in the absence of a connection to other talent and business metrics is informational but real business outcomes are dependent on drawing conclusions and actions that improve your organization’s retention.   Understanding the hours of training provided to your workforce only becomes meaningful when combined with additional metrics measuring outcomes such as improvement in business performance metrics.
NCR, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, is focused on turning the theoretical aspects of workforce analytics and planning into practical applications that can increase HR’s contribution to the bottom line.  This session will provide a framework that can be used to evaluate business initiatives and develop an analytics approach to support the initiatives.  In the session, we'll review real life examples of how NCR has applied this framework to drive improved business performance. 
We'll review three examples as follows:

  • Application of analytics to inform onboarding and training for a critical employee population within NCR
  • An approach to using analytics to support M&A activities
  • A model to assess external markets to facilitate workforce consolidation and expansion decisions


Kathleen Creech

Senior Global HR Business Partner, Hospitality Division, NCR