The Angry Roundtable: Positive Leadership Solutions to Volatile Environment - Register in Advance!


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Personal Perspective, Social Media, elevated national conversations, and polarizing opinions often collide in our places of work.  Leaders are frequently challenged to identify suitable forums to address what often plays out through corporate culture and employee morale.  How do we, in a responsible way, openly discuss the events impacting our society that also impact how companies engage with clients, partners, and employees. 

The Angry roundtable is designed to open dialogue about critical issues in our society and their impacts in the workplace.  Central to these issues is how leaders in your organizations serve as advocates (or not) in providing platforms to employees to be heard in a respectful way. 

Have the leaders in your organization stepped up to initiate discussions?  Have your leaders been at the center of discussions, positively or in a controversial way? Have your leaders leveraged relationships with their peers or other thought leaders to encourage thoughtful dialogue and resolutions?

Join the discussion as we ask critical questions in an effort to gather relevant information in search of real solutions.

You will learn:

  • What issues have been most impactful
  • How we objectively identify the factual elements of issues
  • How are majority and dissenting opinions accommodated in a respectful way
  • Understand how your organization been impacted by these issues and who have been impacted the most
  • Remedies to best address differences in opinion


Kimberly D. Jones

Formerly Director, Talent Acquisition, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory