The Art and Science of a Great Sourcing Strategy in 2015


Great sourcing has always been at the heart of a successful recruiting operation--but what does effective sourcing mean today? Innovations in big data, search, and recruitment marketing get much of the attention. But what about recruitment strategy, research, and old fashioned networking and engagement? Do they still matter? The answer is yes? Today, more than ever, it takes a complete sourcing strategy to compete for scarce talent in a highly competitive recruiting environment.  
In this workshop, three experienced sourcing and recruiting specialists will join you to explore all the ingredients of a complete and competitive sourcing strategy.  We will cover the planning and research to lay the foundation, the management of data, operations and analytics to drive sourcing intelligence, and, finally, the art of turning that research and data into a practical strategy that puts your recruiters at an advantage. This is a chance to gain a working knowledge of today’s sourcing challenges, and a hands-on grasp of the questions you need to ask when building your sourcing and recruiting strategy.


Jim Stroud

Global Head of Sourcing and Recruiting Strategy, Randstad Sourceright

Casimir Turbak

Senior Business Analyst, Randstad Sourceright

Chase Wilson

Vice President, Recruiting and Innovation Center of Expertise, Randstad Sourceright