Balance Strategies and Tactics to Fill Essential Positions First


We've heard it all before. It's a candidate's market, war for talent, etc etc etc. But the fact is,  hiring is up - in North America and in many markets around the world. The talent acquisition function sits at the awkward intersection of two major challenges. Top talent is harder and harder to find and most recruiters are trying to manage more open positions simultaneously than they ever have before. It is not uncommon for TA professionals to be managing 50, 75 even 100 reqs at the same time. This is not only hard, it is impossible to do well.
The only answer is prioritization. Your company may have 100 positions it is trying to fill, but they are not all equally important. The urgency of the hiring manager, alas, is how we tend to make decisions about where to focus first but this is seldom the best way to do it. Beyond that - we get too fixated on purple squirrels and other multicolored fauna and don't spend enough time really focused on building a sustainable long term pipeline of the talent our organization needs most today and will continue to need in the future. But there is a better way.
In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the subtle art of talent segmentation and focus on recruiting for the roles that matter most to business strategy.
  • Start thinking in the way marketing experts think to understand where your "sales"(offers accepted) are going to come from.
  • Practice crafting job descriptions and recruiting communications that are designed appeal to your key talent segments.
  • Integrate what you have learned into a roadmap for long term recruiting success with these candidate populations.


Bill Craib

SVP, Enterprise Learning