The Battle for our Jobs and the Future of Work: Artificial Intelligence vs. the Psychological Contract


Advances in Artificial intelligence and robotics are changing the world we live in at an alarming pace.  We are entering an era where powerful computers are out dueling master chefs, robots are beating ping pong champs, and drones are delivering packages.  There is no end in site and it is becoming clear that the world of work is about to change drastically as a result of continuing advancements in technology. 
This talk delves into the upcoming confrontation between man and machine that will be waged across workplaces in every sector of the global economy.  The core issues are discussed from a humanistic and Psychological perspective and center around the meaning that humans ascribe to work via a “psychological contract” and the fate of mankind if this contract is severed by technology.  Will the relationships between individuals and organizations withstand the changes that are to come?  Will the job as we know it become extinct?  Can organizations and individuals work together to move forward in harmony?  The answers to these questions are a mystery, but are definitely worth discussing.


Dr. Charles Handler

Talent Assessment Thought Leader