Blow Up your Performance Review and Unleash your People


Take a minute and think about your current performance review process.  Did you just cringe? Maybe shed a small tear? At best you probably yawned. At worst you just had a shooting pain pierce you right between the eyeballs.  The annual performance review is 70 years old this year. In that time humans have innovated in leaps and bounds. But for some reason we still hold on to the performance review.  A relic of the post-World War II workplace.   Why do organizations put up with this process?  What benefit is it providing to their company or it's people? 
More than 10 years ago the Motley Fool kaboomed! the ole performance . We've since evolved to a set of 5 simple principles and practices that make up the foundation of our award winning culture.  A thriving culture of  highly engaged, highly productive, Fools.
You will learn:

  • Why you might be letting your top talent go to waste. (spoiler: It's your annual performance review)
  • Where to focus your energy to gain the maximum return on your time.
  • Frameworks for assessing and engaging your talent .
  • That data is your friend and can be tamed.‚Äč

Keynote Presenter

Nate McMahon

Senior Vice President of People and Technology, The Motley Fool