Building Talent Acquisition from the Ground Up to Steward Key Business Issues


Human resources leaders are often asked to make big changes while unraveling legacy systems and processes. But what if leaders had the opportunity to come in and build a new talent acquisition organization from the ground up without old systems tying them down? Changing the make-up of the talent acquisition team? What would you do? Hear how Girls Scouts how has re-built HR to steward the business and what that meant for the talent acquisition function.
In this keynote, participants will learn:

  • How Talent Acquisition function must understand the business environment–Fortune 100, start-up, non-profit—to make sure you are addressing the right questions
  • How Talent Acquisition must perform a self-assessment of their function to ensure that they are constantly raising the bar and incorporating new tools and techniques of the trade
  • How Talent Acquisition must take a hard look at their talent and determine if they have the right people in the right roles to respond to business needs as they structure the team for optimal effectiveness
  • How Talent Acquisition must become and remain a key business partner with hiring managers, aligning the staffing plans to business goals.


Joanne Rencher

Chief People Officer, Girl Scouts of the USA

Valerie Egan

Talent Acquisition Strategist, Girl Scouts of the USA