Case Studies: Turning Leaders and Managers into Employee Engagement Champions with Real-Time Data and Proactive Insights


Today’s top organizations are facing a war for talent on a global scale - one that by all accounts is growing worse for employers by the day. In order to win, organizations must get serious about engaging employees and helping them thrive.
Forward-thinking organizations like Zuora, Marketo, and Sojern use real-time people data to measure, monitor, and swiftly improve employee engagement. By incorporating engagement data into leadership development, they’re uniquely prepared to continue growing quickly, while maintaining a culture where employees thrive.
In this session, featuring Zuora “ZEO” Steve Umphreys, Marketo SVP of HR Joan Burke, and Sojern Senior Director of People Operations Tiffani Ingham, you’ll hear exactly how they’re empowering leaders and managers to use real-time people data to:

  1. Understand the key drivers of engagement on their teams
  2. Identify their weaknesses
  3. Take action to improve employee engagement
  4. See results in real time

You will learn:

  • How get frequent, insightful employee engagement data
  • How to empower managers and leaders to take ownership of their teams’ engagement levels
  • How to use data to revolutionize leadership development strategy
  • The value of deep-dive data in improving employee sentiment
  • Specific examples of how real-time data has changed how managers look at, and act on, employee engagement data


Jim Barnett

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Glint

Joan Burke

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Marketo

Tiffani Jessup Ingham

Senior Director, People Operations, Sojern

Steve Umphreys

SVP, ZEO Success, Zuora