Champions Keep Score: Analytical Goal Setting from Hiring to Performance Management


Hiring should be just as analytical as any business decision.  Too often, “gut feel” instincts let us down, and companies waste countless hours (and dollars) replacing hires who don’t make the cut.
Hear Charles Telep, Director of Talent Acquisition, walk through the analytical approach LogMeIn takes in hiring at all levels.  Building scorecards that – up front – define what success looks like in a hire helps in the evaluation process and streamlines the onboarding process.
Key Highlights of this presentation will include:

  • Embedding scorecards into your hiring and performance management processes
  • Partnering with stakeholders to define what success looks like for a role, and then evaluating against those criteria
  • Interviewing techniques that allow you to uncover what makes a person tick
  • Applying these principles in your organization


Charles Telep

Director, Talent Acquisition, LogMeIn