Let’s Grow Leaders
Let’s Grow Leaders

Coaching Managers for the Tough Conversations

As an HR professional you’ve mastered the art of the tough conversation, but how do you build this critical competency at every level of the organization?  How do you help your managers hold people accountable while building the relationships they need for future success?  How do you create a culture where employees at all levels are encouraged to talk about what’s not working in a productive, solutions-focused way?

In this interactive program, Karin and David will answer these questions by teaching you about the Winning Well model of tough conversations.

You will learn:

  • The tools needed to solve 90 percent of your tough conversations before they happen
  • How to ‘Ditch the Diaper Genie’ and have the conversations you need to have
  • The I.N.S.P.I.R.E. method of delivering tough feedback
  • The Competence/Confidence Model for meeting employees where they are
  • The critical questions for the conversation you must have with yourself
  • Owning the U.G.L.Y. - how to ask strategic questions that get to the heart of the conversation

U- What are we Underestimating?

G- What’s got to Go

L- Where are we Losing?

Y- Where are we missing the Yes?