Communicating and Facilitating Change Management: Getting Employee Buy-In and Aligning the Workforce to New Organizational Goals


One of the most critical challenges that organizations face in a struggling economy is competing in a volatile market.   However, often in an attempt to create long-term stability, organizations must slow their growth to focus on their infrastructure.   This is what happened to Virgin America in 2012.   This course change prompted another need:  a way to explain the strategy shift to employees and gain their support.   In this case study you will hear the story behind Virgin America’s strategy change and how the company rallied its employees behind the new strategy. 
You will learn about:

  • A business challenge that Virgin America faced and how the company decided to shift their strategy
  • How Virgin America communicated the strategy change to every employee and gained buy-in
  • Best practices in designing and delivering an enterprise-wide learning and change management intervention

Keynote Presenter

Deborah McCuiston

Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Learning Leader at Virgin America