The Critical Role of Mobility in Creating the Employee Experience


Employee mobility is no longer just a “buzzword”. And it no longer refers only to international assignments or rising up internally through the management ranks. Today’s talent – who will be tomorrow’s leaders – no longer views mobility as a privilege, but as an expectation. To compete for this top talent, and to develop them into future leaders, companies must find a way to integrate employee mobility into their overall talent strategy.
Join us for this compelling keynote as we share key insights about employee mobility. Find out how companies large and small can use various mobility strategies to attract, develop and retain talent.
You will learn:
- The various types of internal and global mobility opportunities for companies to leverage and enhance employee development and engagement
- Examples of creative mobility solutions for high-performing and also “flight risk” employees
- Actionable employee mobility strategies to use, from hire to retire
- Suggestions to inject adoption of employee mobility into your company


Debra Burton

Director, Global Mobility Centre of Expertise, Grant Thornton International Ltd