Developing Emerging Leaders through Internal Coaching


Coaching is a proven approach to Executive Leadership development.  The success can be attributed to the personalized approach and the constant adaptation to the needs of the individual “learner.”  But hiring a certified professional coach is expensive, and is usually reserved for the most senior members of an organization.  What if it were possible to assign certified professional coaches to leaders at all levels of the organization?  This highly interactive session presents a plan for using coaching as a corporate training approach by certifying select individuals within an organization in professional coaching and by training current supervisors and managers in holding effecting coaching conversations.  During the session, you will learn and practice the basic technique of coaching, a skill that will likely improve your ability to communicate with many people in your work, life, and family. 
You will learn:

  • An adaptable and scalable plan for implementing an internal coaching program that accelerates the readiness of emerging leaders in your organization
  • How to choose the best approach, coaching, mentoring, or counseling, when encountering a short-term workplace challenge
  • Basic coaching skills that you can use right away in your work and life

Thought Leader Presentation

Theodora Fitzsimmons Ph.D.

Accredited Coach Supervisor, Leadership and Professional Development Expert, Executive Coach, Defense Intelligence Agency

Daniel Durham

Leadership Development Specialist for the Academy for Defense Intelligence at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)