Disrupting HR for Good – An Unconventional Approach with Uncommon Outcomes


What came first, the chicken or the.... employment? Joe DeLoss has set out to build a fried chicken empire – but he’s not a chef, he didn’t intend to be a restaurateur; Joe is an entrepreneur passionate about human resources and the impact it can have on someone’s life. DeLoss’s company, Hot Chicken Takeover, provides employment to nearly 200 men and women, almost 70% of whom have been previously impacted by incarceration or a criminal record.
Joe’s team, made up of many deemed unemployable, has set a new standard for engagement, retention, and enthusiasm. In a job category wrought with volatility and turnover, their approach is yielding uncommon results – profitable for both employee and employer. In this keynote, Joe will debunk the myths associated with their Fair Chance employment approach and offer practical strategies for engaging diverse, entry-level workforces.
You will learn:

  • How Hot Chicken Takeover approaches hiring and onboarding
  • How benefits can be better aligned to the needs of an entry-level workforce
  • How to get started with Fair Chance employment


Joe DeLoss

Head Fryer and Founder, Hot Chicken Takeover