Driving a Culture of Innovation: A Critical Role for Talent Management


The role of the HR professional has never been more important than it is now.  With the workforce of the future operating in a vastly different way, the role of data in predicting talent trends and challenges increasing, social media acting as the connection with our current and future employees, the role of and Employee Value Proposition becoming even more important as new and different organizations pop up and poach our talent, our profession has to stay relevant and must be able to drive the change in the culture and capability of our companies.
Workforce capability and readiness is the challenge of all CEO’s, and being able to deliver an innovative and thought provoking solution to this is key to the success of any talent management professional.
You will learn:

  • How to drive innovation and excitement through all aspects of HR – do not stagnate and operate in your comfort zone
  • How to use social media, data and other tools to your advantage in alignment with the business strategy
  • How to ensure everything we do is driving to the execution of the business strategy
  • That it’s all about branding – what is yours saying?

Keynote Presenter

Marie-Claire Barker

Global Chief Talent Officer, MEC Global