ENGAGE with Mindfulness


Using the acronym ENGAGE, we will explore the many benefits that will accrue in a Mindful Workplace.  We will explore how simple mindfulness practices can help energize, focus, expand and enrich both the employee experience and the company culture.  The six elements in ENGAGE which will be presented are: Energize - Notice - Grow - Act - Give - Enjoy.  In these roundtable sessions, we will explore how these results address current problems you may be addressing, and how you could bring these benefits your workplace and employees.
You will learn:

  • Mindfulness techniques that can disrupt distraction and increase attention and focus
  • How mindfulness can energize your workforce and enhance flow experiences
  • Mindful practices to enhance communication, collaboration and inclusivity


Gayle Van Gils

Author of HAPPIER AT WORK: The Power of Love to Transform the Workplace