Growing Organizational Effectiveness with Contingent Labor and Strategic Workforce Planning


It is estimated that between 30–50% of the total workforce in the U.S. alone is comprised of Contingent Labor (CT).  Regardless of the exact percentage of individuals performing an organization’s work, each organization must account for the fact that a) this number continues to grow for a variety of factors, including unemployment rates, lifestyle preferences and globalization, and b) because they are performing, in many cases, the critical work of the organization, talent management responsibility must be assumed.
Workforce planning has impact throughout integrated talent management. All talent practices, including the use of CT, must be aligned with the strategy and direction of the organization or else they are useless. Strategy leads to human capital requirements, which dictates the best use of talent practices, which results in an engaged, productive and committed workforce, and in turn, yields measurable outcomes. After defining critical roles and competencies strategies for closing talent gaps are delineated through the alternatives of buy, build or borrow. Although most organizations favor the use of contract talent into their overall workforce plan most aren’t using a system to view metrics and statistics like cost, headcount and contract personnel nor are they using a vendor management system (VMS).
In this workshop, leaders will learn how to:

  • Factor CT into workforce planning in an effective way, to gauge how many workers are engaged at one time.
  • Decide who at their organization “owns” CT, whether it is human resources, procurement or another department.
  • Identify when roles should be filled permanently versus contracted and the monetary implications.
  • Identify the core workforce and most strategic needs.

This interactive workshop will equip participants with actionable solutions to improve their use of workforce planning with contingent labor.  Breakout groups will discuss their current use of contingent labor and how to apply these best practices to their own organization.

Presented by

Bruce Morton

Global Head of Innovation, Allegis Global Solutions

Ron Hetrick

Director of Labor Market Analysis, Allegis Global Solutions