Hiring to Strengthen the Company's DNA


Royal Philips recently split the company into two: Healthtech and the Professional Lighting Solutions that are synonymous with its name. Looking ahead at the needs of this “new” company, Head of Talent Acquisition Russ Schramm and his team have been tasked by various executives to hire a diversity of talent to strengthen the innovative DNA of the company.   Philips does not want a cookie-cutter staff, instead they are searching for a diversity of heritage and thought for a truly innovative culture. Hear how this search for passion and  innovation is leading the talent acquisition team to find exciting new sourcing pipelines.
In this session, you will learn:

  • Why hiring for culture fit might not be the right corporate strategy.
  • Why Philips believes a more diverse employee base will improve innovation and result in better outcomes for our customers and patients. 
  • How do you define high value prospects for your organization? 
  • The importance of a strong EVP when recruiting outside of your industry or vertical. 


Russ Schramm

Head of Talent Acquisition, The Americas, Philips