How CDW Builds Its Employer Brand with Personalization, Engagement and Content


Talent acquisition is more competitive than ever. With unemployment at an all-time low within key disciplines such as Sales and IT, candidates, especially skilled ones, have more control over where they take their expertise and talents. This has led to the “Talentsumer” – a candidate that expects a recruiting experience on par with the consumer experience – one that’s personalized, mobile-optimized, transparent and relationship-driven.
Join CDW’s Jennifer Sommesi as she shares how CDW, a leading technology solutions provider, differentiates its employer brand in this new reality by personalizing the candidate experience. She will discuss the labor market pressure that is impacting candidate attraction and how CDW is using recruitment marketing and employer branding best practices to provide a more personalized experience to the critical skill families they need to attract.
Most importantly, Jennifer also will share how CDW’s talent acquisition team communicates and positions its talent acquisition strategy internally to tie into corporate business objectives and to secure buy-in across all levels of the organization.
In this keynote presentation, you will learn:

  • How to consumerize your recruiting experience.
  • How to personalize your recruiting to attract critical skills.
  • Lessons learned in implementing employer brand buy-in across the organization.


Jen Sommesi

Employment Branding and Talent Attraction Leader, CDW