Increase Talent Acquisition Impact and Influence by Using Workforce Planning Tools


What HR function doesn’t want to be more “strategic” and add increasing value to the business?  That desire has become a paramount objective for every HR function in the modern era.  It’s an easy question to ask, but not so easy to answer.  Often strategy is in the eyes of the beholder and understanding that strategic perspective and then turning it into action requires some tools and techniques that are often not found in the talent acquisition toolkit.  In this workshop, HCI will share many of the tools and techniques that are fundamental to strategic workforce planning and discuss how these tools are being applied in the talent acquisition process to help recruiters identify the strategic issues, provide additional proactive guidance to the business and attract more of the “right” talent to win in the short as well as the long term.
Workshop takeaways:

  • Using a competitive differentiation map to dissect business strategy.
  • Understanding how role segmentation can help you focus on the impact of strategic organizational roles.
  • Using an environmental scanning tool to incorporate talent acquisition data into the planning process.
  • Strategies for effective partnering – with business leaders and HR peers.
  • Using the intake meeting as a way to link strategy to action in the recruiting process.


Bruce Walton

HCI Faculty