Innovation Secrets behind the Future’s Most Valuable Employer Brands


How do you structure your employer brand and marketing resources today? Are they optimized to deliver outcomes that UNDENIABLY affect your ability to attract passionate, talented and innovative people to your organization, despite today’s clutter of recruiters and media? If you represent the majority of corporations and enterprises across the globe, the answer is probably ‘No’. And how your employer brand fares in future decades may suffer. Hear how marketing communications strategist, Lisa Chartier, has found success by applying innovative consumer marketing approaches to talent challenges faced by several global organizations, including her current employer, Philips North America. Lisa will outline how she’s created a team structure and strategic planning framework that has helped define Philips Talent Acquisition organization as an indispensable business partner, and as a lead influencer in the recent corporate rebranding of Philips.
Based on industry examples and learnings from Philips firsthand evolution, you will learn:

  • How to structure your organization in a way that creates opportunity for great recruitment marketing to overcome barriers impacting your talent and business-related outcomes
  • How to create a business case for the optimal org structure that gets buy-in from executives and employees
  • Usable frameworks for developing a recruitment marketing strategy, based on proven consumer marketing techniques
  • Measureable KPIs that demonstrate the value that employer branding can bring to the talent acquisition, business and brand goals of an organization
  • Do’s and Don’ts along the journey of defining, activating and managing your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) across global talent communities



Lisa Chartier

Global Head of Executive Service Programs and Marketing, Philips