Innovative Strategies for Improving Engagement, Collaboration and Retention in Government Agencies

This three hour workshop provides lessons from research, thought leaders and innovative
agencies for improving human capital practices, systems and cultures. HCI introduces
its new framework to guide these workplace improvements: the two Ts and the twelve
Cs. Trust and transparency (the two Ts) are the bulwark of any innovative effort; and the
twelve Cs can be grouped into the following categories:

  • The Big Purpose: A Calling
  • The Job: Clarity and Contribution
  • The Network: Connections and Community
  • The Coach: Crucial Conversations and Constructive Confrontation
  • The Experiences: Concentration and Challenges
  • The Lattice and the Ladder: Choices and Career Crossroads
  • The Legacy; Cultural Champion

These are all changes that can be made to improve the workplace and workforce.
They enhance the stickiness and meaning of work, with beneficial results for both the
individual and organization. There is no great expenditure that is required to implement
these ideas; changing practices and cultures takes dedication and persistence, not money.
In the workshop, teams will apply several of these principles, come up with suggestions
and share best practices.

Presented by

David Forman

HCI Faculty