Measuring and Responding to Real Time Employee Sentiment


At 84.51°, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co., we believe in making people’s lives easier, and that applies to not only our customers but to our employees as well.  84.51° is a data, science, and customer experience company. Over the last two years we have looked to take our methods of analyzing customer behavior to analyzing and monitoring employee behavior in order to better understand unmet needs of our employees. 
In 2015, we began measuring employee sentiment in real time, asking employees every week, “How Ya Feeling”.  Knowing in real time how employees are feeling allows us to respond to employee feedback almost instantly without having to wait for annual and unwieldy engagement surveys.  We now have almost two years’ worth of data – and critical control charts – that help us know when employee sentiment changes and the context to help explain why.
You will learn:

  • The genesis of the employee sentiment tool.
  • The approach to collect and track sentiment data.
  • The benefits to our organization and our employees.

The lessons learned in using a weekly measurement of engagement.


Beth Giglio

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, 84.51˚

Lauren Washington

Director of People Analytics, 84.51˚