Military Engagement at The Home Depot: Creating a Successful Niche Strategy


At The Home Depot, our military recruitment strategy requires the ability to reach a large, diverse, and qualified audience in a short period of time.  But our support goes much further. The Human Resources team decided to address the over-indexed unemployment rates among this group by arming military veterans and their families with the education and resources to make seamless and successful transitions into the civilian workforce. Our mission was full of opportunity.  But it came with some challenges.  One of which is that veterans and recruiters do not always speak the same language. Thus, our solution encompassed establishing a direct line of connectivity with veterans to further understand how their skills and experience translated to our needs.  We also provided tools & resources to assist HR Professionals in their interactions with service men and women with the goal of helping veterans identify the right career fit within any organization.
How did we do it?  The Home Depot created learning workshops, launched a military skills translator, built an online social network, leveraged internal affinity groups and recruiters while also dedicating 100% of our Home Depot Foundation resources to veterans.  The deployment this all-encompassing military recruitment strategy has transformed our corporate culture and shifted how our organization views and recruits military candidates.
In this session, we will unveil our overall military strategy including the latest technologies, tools, resources, and results that will speak to how strategic and altruistic engagement with niche communities of talent can broaden your employer brand and ultimately find the right candidate for the job.
You will learn:

  • How to create a niche recruitment strategy that will produce a sizeable and meaningful ROI.
  • How engagement and connection with niche audiences truly affect the bottom-line.
  • How to leverage technology, with limited resources, as a means to provide increased applications and hires.


Barbara Truell

Strategic Talent Acquisition Business Partner at the Home Depot