Move Beyond Measuring Employee Engagement and Start Improving It


One of the biggest contributors to a disengaged workforce is lack of change following an engagement survey. This interactive workshop will propel your organization’s engagement program forward by walking you through key components of an employee engagement survey analysis and action planning for change. Involving your employees in the survey follow-up process to identify both short-term fixes and long-term strategies is critical to positively impacting your organization’s top engagement issues. Using best practice research and collaboration opportunities with your peers through activities and discussion, this workshop will provide you with an effective post-survey model to start improving your workforce’s employee engagement.
During this workshop, you will participate in collaborative peer discussions to leverage best practice ideas. Learn how to:

  • Use your organization’s survey results to identify the top three priority areas to focus on; those areas that scored poorly but are of high importance to your employees’ engagement.
  • Involve employees in the survey follow-up. Run effective brainstorming sessions to dive deeper into the issues identified by the survey and identify engagement initiative ideas to improve the situation.
  • Help your management team compare and select the best change initiatives identified during the brainstorming sessions.
  • Keep everyone in the loop with an employee engagement communication plan that updates employees on what you’ve done, what you’re doing and what you’re planning to do.
  • Develop an engagement initiatives action plan that doesn’t just lay out logistics and timelines, but also assigns accountability to those responsible for implementation.


Susanna Hunter

Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness, McLean & Company

Emily Saunders

Senior Research Analyst with McLean & Company