Optimizing Data: Identify the Best Hires for Retention and Internal Mobility


American Blue Ribbon Holdings is one of the eighth largest restaurant holding companies in the US—their brands include:  O’Charley, Ninety-Nine Restaurant and Pub, Max and Erma’s, Village Inn, and Bakers Square. With the economy growing, hiring and retaining people in this traditionally high-turnover industry is challenging.  Chief People Office Bill Streitberger has been focused on the bottom-line: getting the right person in the door and developing a pitch-perfect management pipeline. To this end, Bill will share his people strategy to find—and keep—the right employees who will continue to grow the business. 
In this session, you will learn:

  • How to deliver talent to the business by finding and assessing key internal and external talent.
  • How to develop key metrics to assess capability needs of key management roles.
  • How to assess and engage talent for internal mobility.



Bill Strietberger

Chief People Officer, American Blue Ribbon Holdings