Optimizing the Workforce: How to Use Contingent Labor to Balance Organizational Needs


The best HR leaders are always looking for new and better ways to find the best talent to achieve business goals. In today’s business environment, the organizational needs of a company can easily overtake the traditional resources of a HR department. Hiring managers need new ways to quickly find and hire the talent they need to remain competitive and agile.
Join Tracy Price-Anderson, Group Tech, Design & Art Manager at Johnson & Johnson Limited to learn about how J&J used contingent labor and accessed a world of talent and balance their organizational needs. This session aims to share practical advice with forward-thinking leaders who recognize the importance of innovation, speed, and culture in the talent acquisition game. As the number of distributed, remote team members grows each year, it’s critical for HR to have an understanding of how to build and maintain a competitive extended workforce.
In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How Johnson & Johnson has leveraged new HR technology to acquire top talent.
  • What types of projects lend themselves well to working with freelancers.
  • How Johnson & Johnson has maintained a strong company culture while working with a distributed workforce.
  • How HR leaders can build a hybrid workforce of full-time employees and freelancers.


Tracy Price-Anderson

Group Tech, Design & Art Manager at Johnson & Johnson Limited

Daphne Li

Senior Vice President, Enterprise, Elance-oDesk