People Analytics @ Google: Using Data and Research to Guide HR Decisions


Impeccable data and metrics coupled with reliable dashboards and technology all help to establish credibility, but the true effectiveness of an analytics group is based on its ability to change opinions and be influential. All people decisions at Google are based on data and analytics. Those decisions cover compensation, talent management, hiring and all other HR issues, meaning HR needs to produce data to justify decisions and policies. This led to the creation of a people-analytics team.  Brian Ong will share results from several Google case studies including "Project Oxygen", their quest to build a better manager and why managers do matter; "Influencing Organization Design", forecasting of the future organizational structure of Google, based on current hiring and promotion practices. Brian will also share other insights into Google’s innovative, data-driven HR process such as how de-bunking HR myths also turned out to be an important function of the analytics team.

Presented by

Brian Ong

Director of People Ops Strategy and Effectiveness, Google