Pulling with Levers for Strategic Success


HR often does a poor job in marketing itself and demonstrating its value to the business. HR does, in fact, have a variety of levers to drive business results. The three primary drivers for improved outcomes are 1) strategic alignment, 2) cost savings and 3) productivity improvements. Of the three, the largest potential impact is creating the context in which productivity and innovation can flourish. It is important, however, to go beyond these general drivers and get as specific as possible about the ways in which HR adds value to the business. Specifically, ten levers will be discussed, including:

  • HR’s ultimate metric
  • Turnover of high performers
  • The value of internal hires
  • Productivity by engagement levels
  • Costs of vacant positions
  • Costs of managing poor performers
  • Absenteeism
  • Global staffing mix
  • Strength of professional networks
  • Proficiency curve


David Forman

HCI Faculty