Re-energizing Workforce Planning with a New Competency Model


Workforce planning can be demanding and frustrating. Does it feel like you are standing still, progress is slow in coming?  Veteran practitioner or a rookie just getting started, here is a process to re-energize your program. Even if you have an existing competency model, this holistic, “role-based” approach will make a difference in accomplishing your workforce planning goals.  Additionally, other HR areas will also reap the benefits of a more strategic and inclusive view of competencies.
You will learn how you can:

  • Use a technique for “soft validating” the competencies needed to successfully execute your business strategy.
  • Align your competencies by level according to strategic importance.
  • Plot your company and business on an “S Curve” and bring more relevance to your competency needs.
  • In 30 days, you can design a competency model that reflects strategic business needs and addresses competitive challenges you are facing in the market place.


Jeff Gross

Workforce Planning and Succession Management Expert, Author "Workforce Planning 90 Day Action Plan: Handbook” and “Workforce Planning 2020," Speaker