Reimagining Learning to Usher In Transformation and Innovation at American Express


For more than 160 years, American Express has innovated and evolved to serve our
customers in whatever way they needed most – from a shipping company, to trusted travel
advisors, to offering financial products and making global payments easier. With today’s
fast-paced changing environment there is the need to transform once again - even more
quickly – and this type of change stems from our most valuable asset, our employees.
One of the most successful ways to innovate is by constantly trying new things; to
experiment and then iterate after learning from any setbacks or failures. Encouraging this
type of learning is at the heart of BOTH why and how we are reimagining the creation,
content deployment, and experience of learning at the company.
In this session David Clark, Chief Learning Officer, will share how American Express has
started to apply Design Thinking, typically thought of as a product development approach, to
deliver this type of transformational learning.
You will learn:

  • How Design Thinking techniques can be a way to assess and refresh your approach to learning.
  • How to truly collaborate with your company’s employees and internal learning community to generate insights and learning strategies.
  • How to let go of the ways learning has always been developed and brainstorm innovative concepts with “play”.

Keynote Presenter

David Clark

Senior Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at American Express