Reinvention Reimagined: What Video Can Do for Talent Acquisition Processes


Sometimes a small change becomes a catalyst for thinking differently about an old process. Once a team gets comfortable adding video technology into talent acquisition, it often spurs on a rash of creativity leading to a  new way of doing things. This panel is made up of diverse companies all using video and voice interviewing technology in different ways. Each have reinvented a workflow related to the hiring process.

  • Humana is taking a consumer based approach to talent acquisition, striving to interact with a much larger percentage of their candidate base.
  • ESPN is launching an entry level hiring program to target diverse talent for potential on-air opportunities.  ESPN selects experienced talent based on their broadcast reels but needed a way to understand the potential of entry level talent.
  • Ferguson has completely reimagined its approach to college recruiting, without leaving the office.
  • RW Baird, a repeat “best place to work” honoree, strives to also become a “best place to apply for work”.

All these speakers are able to think and execute differently because video interviewing technology is squarely embedded in their worlds allowing them to reinvent old ways for the better.
Attendees will learn:

  • How recruiting teams – both small and large – leverage video in their hiring workflow.
  • How these panelist companies have contemporized their talent acquisition processes in the last few years.
  • How to effectively balance candidate experience with hiring manager demands without sacrificing speed, quality or cost per hire.



Brian Morton

Sales and Marketing Recruiting Manager, ESPN

Kevin Stakelum

Director of Talent Acquisition, Humana Inc.

Anna Oakes

Director of Human Capital Client Services, Robert W. Baird & Co.

Jennifer Lassiter

Operations Manager, Ferguson Enterprises


Kurt Heikkinen

President and CEO, Montage