Reinvigorate Your Employee Engagement Program with a Culture of Feedback


Employees are clamoring for it. Companies are getting exponentially better at collecting it. No matter how you slice it, employee engagement hinges on feedback - not just employee-to-company, but also manager-to-employee feedback, and just about everywhere in between. But more and more, we’re learning that the traditional ways of collecting and communicating these types of feedback are broken: they’re too disruptive, too cumbersome, and too infrequent to provide valid and effective insights on both company and employee performance.
This session will illuminate how you can overhaul your company’s feedback systems - bottom-up, top-down, and peer-to-peer - in a way that’s comprehensive, holistic, and that will actually improve company performance. Discover how Vox Media and other well-known companies have reinvigorated their employee engagement programs by encouraging a culture of continuous feedback, including concrete steps you can take now to improve the feedback systems from employees, from managers, and from peers.
In this session, you will learn:

  • Specific ways continuous feedback is helping organizations improve business planning, such as employee evaluations and succession planning
  • Where HR plays a role in building and encouraging more continuous feedback, and where it should be hands off
  • Concrete steps to take for building a culture of continuous feedback
  • How to iterate your feedback programs with less fear and stronger results


Erin Bakst

Senior Director of People Operations, Vox Media