Scenario Planning for Better Organizational Design


SaaS platform Salesforce has a market cap of $55 billion and a 23,000 person employee base growing at 20+% year-over-year. In a fast moving company of that size, how do you turn a nebulous concept of engagement into a tactical talent strategy that reflects the company’s culture? Senior Director of Employee Success Ernest Ng will share how he uses people analytics to implement a talent strategy based in the Saleforce Ohana.
Ng leads a department specifically designed to prepare the company for five years down the road, including the types of support/benefits people want, how to increase overall wellness, evaluate the effectiveness of programs and practices, and how to leverage technology to drive the employee experience.
In this keynote, you’ll learn to bridge strategy and action to drive better organizational design and culture, specifically:

  • How to use data to make corporate culture practical and tactical.
  • Understand how people interact with the corporate culture.
  • How technology trends like AI and social platforms are transforming employee expectations of organizations.


Ernest Ng, Ph.D.

VP of Global ES Strategy and People Analytics, Salesforce