The Science of Inclusion: How We Can Leverage the Brain to Build Smarter Teams


Diverse and inclusive teams are smarter, more creative, and make better decisions. While an increasing number of organizations are embracing the notion of diversity, the practice of inclusion is often overlooked. Being respected, valued, and welcome to contribute equates to more than just good feelings: Humans have a biologically based need to belong—to feel included, supported, and valued by others socially. In fact, research shows that social exclusion can negatively impact performance, productivity, and pro-social behavior, among other consequences. The challenge is, we often make others feel excluded without realizing it.
In this keynote, you will learn

  • How language, nonverbal cues, and subtle interactions can communicate signals of exclusion.
  • How if we’re not actively including, we may be accidentally excluding.
  • What is the neuroscience-based approach in order to achieve an inclusive workplace.


David Rock, Ph.D.

CEO and Founder, NeuroLeadership Institute