The Science of Talent


In most organizations, process is based on tradition, hearsay, or so-called management wisdom — with little regard for the employee experience. In a ten-year career, an employee is bound to hear forty different things from HR and leadership about what they’re supposed to do on the job. Neuroscience allows us to create simplicity in place of this confusion, and design change with the constraints and strengths of the brain in mind. 
In this highly interactive session, Dr. David Rock, founder and director of the NeuroLeadership Institute, will unpack our latest findings across leadership, performance, and diversity and inclusion. We will dive into how growth mindset is becoming the leading factor in leadership, and our proprietary industry research into how organizations can inculcate a growth mindset culture. We will also reveal the latest insights into how the science of learning is shaping change methodology--so that individual behavior can be wed to organizational priorities. 
• How to begin organizing business process around brain function, rather than tradition
• How the science of behavior change unlocks cultural transformation
• Why the right learning strategy gives the brain extra learning “for free”


David Rock, Ph.D.

CEO and Founder, NeuroLeadership Institute