Serving as an HR Strategic Business Partner — But To What End?


HR has been opining for some time now on the meaning and importance of serving as a strategic business partner.  We have, to varying degrees, had to insist to be seated at the ‘table’, created the seat and maybe even the table itself in start-up situations.  But, are we truly ready?  Have we stretched ourselves as HR leaders to places of absolute discomfort?  Are we just as good at being business leaders as we are at serving in our HR capacities?  What’s next for the field?  I’ll provoke a healthy conversation, food for thought and tasks for action that challenge all of us around these concepts. 
You will learn:

  • What it means to be a business leader first, and an HR leader second
  • How we can engage in ‘possibility thinking’ to innovate around revenue generation for our businesses – yes, that’s right, supporting revenue generation and not just managing costs!
  • When and how we must be intentional about determining the ROI of talent solutions for the enterprise
  • How we can – and must - systematically endeavor to become successors to the top seats in the C-Suite – i.e. COO, CEO.  It’s time.

Keynote Presenter

Joanne Rencher

Chief People Officer, Girl Scouts of the USA